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How is it possible, that in the XXI century our solution for supporting life saving in accidents is still a mobile phone? In 2018 we came up with an idea to merge today's technology with the knowledge of rescue operations professionals.

Mobile phone video calls alow to show the scene of the accident to a rescuer, but they also limit the possibility to act freely since your hands are occupied with a phone. That's why we decided to enclose our solution in a case of glasses.

And thus Rescue Glass was born - a complete tool for remote support of life saving activities.

Over the last 2 years the project has evolved both design-wise and technologically. Hundreds of hours of reliability and durability testing as well as real life use in mock-up conditons. Today we can openly say that the future of rescue is now and we are readying for mass production.

Jacek Siewiera

Jacek Siewiera


Marcin Gruchała

Marcin Gruchała


Jakub Semerda

Jakub Semerda


Marcin Korytkowski

Marcin Korytkowski


Barbara Skowrońska

Barbara Skowrońska


Our solution

Our solution

Rescue Glass is a tool designed to guide its user at the scene of a medical emergency by delivering instant instructions from remotely located paramedic. Rescue Glass reduces the number of avoidable pre-hospital deaths as well as limits the number of avoidable injuries and disabilities. The goal of Rescue Glass is to support first aid help long before the public system can react.

Operator can pin the place of an accident
The location is sent immediately
The operator is seeing and hearing what the user is seeing and hearing
The user has both hands free and action ready
With the support of the operator the user can save life

Our technology

Technology of tomorrow in front of your eyes
With Rescue Glass everyone can help save lives instead of idle waiting for medical help
Professional support
With a professional paramedic on the other side of the line, who will guide you through the rescue action, you don't have to be afraid to act
Life above everything elese
So that we live longer


Today half of world's population live in cities. According to WHO in 2050 2/3rd of us will live in urban agglomerations. Will it be possible for the rescue system to arrive on time?

IMF reports that in the USA alone, the cost of delayed or inadequate aid in crisis situations reach $730 billion USD
1.5 million deaths
Every year 1.5 million people dies although their deaths could be avoided - that is the population of the size of Estonia every year that could still be alive
Mortality under 50 years old
Car and industrial accidents are the biggest causes of death in working-age people in the world

Problem scope

7.8 billion people
WHO claims that currently there are 7.8 billion people in the world
10 billion people
WHO estimates that in 2050 there will be 10 billion people in the world
10 years
In 10 years time there will be shortage of all kinds of medical services


Insurance companies
Automotive industry
OH&S of companies

Global market of AED amounted to $3.1 billion USD with a projected CAGR of 9.4% ($6.64 billion USD in 2026)

Automotive industry - according to Goldman Sachs, in 2025 sales of new cars will reach 112 million units.

OH&S - accroding to Statista.com in 2020 there were 667000 companies with 250+ employees globally


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Frequently asked questions

Rescue Glass automatically turns on after removal from the docking station and connects to the operational center. The location is sent to the operator, who gets access to the camera as well as 2-way communication with the user.
No, Rescue Glass is a fully autonomous device.
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